People don’t believe this woman is 42 – and she says it’s down to one anti-ageing secret

People don’t believe this woman is 42 – and she says it’s down to one anti-ageing secret

A TikToker complemented on her “glowing” appearance has shunned modern cosmetic procedures and says she gets better results with a 2,400-year-old technique.

Sophia Le Page, 42, says anti-ageing has nothing to do with skin care or Botox but is about being one with the universe.

She practices 4th BCE Taoism through Mantak Chia’s book Healing Love through the Tao and told followers her secrets in a video titled ‘The best kept anti-aging secret every woman needs to know’.

Sophia, from Australia but based in London, said: “I haven’t had Botox or any surgical, non-surgical anti-aging treatments or procedures. What’s my secret?

“Feminine energy and embodiment practices.

“I circulate pleasure through my system daily through practices like touch, break work, dance, and being present with my body and my womb.”

“When you work with pleasure, you reverse the signs of ageing.

“You increase your vitality and radiance to become lit from within.

“You feel more confident and more juicy. You’ll get that glow that will have others wondering what your secret is.

“People say ‘There’s just something about her!’”

Taoism is the ancient Chinese philosophy of being at one with the Tao – the natural order of the universe.

Sophia runs a company mentoring women and says she will “liberate feminine power and pleasure, to awaken the Sensual Woman within whose voracious appetite for life is undeniably captivating”.

In response to the video, which has been viewed 41,000 times, one woman wrote: “I’m 32 and plan never to get any work done either. You look amazing. I love this advice.”

Another added: “You are beautiful and you look your age!”

A third wrote “Yes sister, you are glowing,” while another added: “I’m 49. No Botox and no wrinkles. There is another secret… No sun on the face, no smoking, eat the right food, and I have my Lord.”

Sophia responded: “Yes, lots of different ways. I love feminine embodiment mostly because of how alive it makes me feel on the inside and that then reflects on the outside.”

Botox is the practice of injecting small doses of toxins into areas of the body in order to cause localised paralysis and combat signs of ageing like wrinkles.

While popular it can lead to horror stories, with some who undergo the procedure left blind in one eye and one woman recently left “looking like a video game villain”.